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  ICON YRKK400-6 275 kW 5500V motor with resistor starter was shipped for Pakistan 11.20 Update:11/20/2017
1 PC YRKK400-6 275 Kw, stator 5500 V 50 Hz, IC611 TEAAC, IP54, YRKK series high voltage wound rotor slip ring motors with matched Liquid Resistor Starter and High Voltage Switch Cabinet was shipped for Karachi Pakistan on Nov. 20th, 2017

Main technical parameters:

Model: YRKK400-6                 Rated power: 275 Kw                  Stator voltage: 5500 V                     Stator current: 37.7 A

Frequency: 50 Hz                      Rated speed: 983 r/min                Duty: S1                                           Insulation class: F 

Mounting: IMB3 (IM1001)       Cooling type: IC611 TEAAC      Bearing type: rolling bearing           Bearing brand: C&U 

Protection rating: IP54              Altitude:  ≤1000 m                        Power factor: 0.82                          Application: BOILER I.D FAN

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