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  ICON Sales Cases
 · Medium frequency induction melting furnace was shipped to Peru on Dec. 1st    12/3/2009
 · Induction furnace and cooling tower for Croatia customer were shipped on Nov. 6th    11/11/2009
 · Singapore customer come and check their induction melting furnace     10/19/2009
 · Engineer go to Iran for commissioning of 1.5ton induction furnace    10/15/2009
 · 270HP Vertical Hollow Shaft Motor was shipped to Bangkok on Sep. 06    9/7/2009
 · Iran Old Customer Visited Us For Ordering New Induction Melting Furnace    8/29/2009
 · Vertical Hollow Shaft Motors Were Shipped To Bangkok On Apr. 26    4/27/2009
 · Malaysia customer come and check their induction melting furnace    3/18/2009
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