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    Product Name: YTSZ Series VVVF Variable Speed Motor For Metallurgical and Crane Use Hits: 17355
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     · Features and application
YTSZ series VVVF variable speed three phase induction motor for metallurgical and crane use, based upon YTSP series VVVF variable speed three phase induction motor, is a newly developed series of products by our company in accordance with the operating feature of metallurgical and crane three phase induction motor. Synthesized with our several decades’ rich experience in manufacturing DC motors for metallurgical and crane use and AC elevator motors as well as research achievements in AC VVVF speed regulation, the motors are both considered in the electromagnetic, structural and insulation system designs to possess the adaptability to inverter-fed power supply and speed regulation of VVVF in wide range. Combined with favorable starting and braking functions of VVVF speed regulation, they are especially suitable for those applications where the VVVF speed regulation, short-time or intermittent duty operation, frequent starting and braking are adopted. The basic technical requirements of the motors conform to the international IEC60034-1 standard and China standard GB755, and their mounting dimensions to the international standard IEC72.
     · Performance
The rated voltage is 380V and the frequency is 50Hz. In accordance with the requirements of different ranges of speed regulation and power sources for application, the ratings of voltage and frequency (such as 400V, 440V, 460V and 60Hz and so on) can be also redetermined. The motors of 400V rated voltage and △-connection, after changed into Y-connection, can be suitable for application of 690V mains voltage.
The insulation class is class F or class H. The insulation structure has the adaptability to high carrier frequency voltage supplied by frequency converter.
Speed can be varied in a wide range, under the condition of open-loop U/f control, maintaining constant torque during 3-50Hz and constant output during 50-100Hz (50-70Hz for 4p motor of frame size 355 and motor of frame size 400). And under the condition of vector control, speed range can be even expanded, that is, motor operation with constant torque can be ranged from the basic speed to zero speed.
With strong overload capability, the motors can sustain the overload of 200% of rated torque at rated voltage and frequency, lasting 1min.
The starting torque at low frequency (around 1Hz) can achieve 150% of rated torque.
The motors have good performance at low speed that torque is smooth and no crawling circumstance exists.
For the type of wire-connection, in general, motors of frame size 250 and below are of Y-connection, motors of frame size 280 and above are of △-connection. On special request, it can also break away from this division(for as motors of frame size 250 and below △-connection is adopted, and for motors of frame size 280 and above Y-connection is adopted).
The normal duty of the motors is the intermittent cyclic duty S3. The cyclic duration factor is 40%. For other duties, the output in the Technical Data Sheet can be converted in accordance with the Table 1 below.
The degree of protection for enclosure is IP44, and the motors can also be made with IP54, IP55, or IP56 on request.
The cooling method is IC416 (totally enclosed with axial blower cooling). IC411 (totally enclosed with self-fan cooling) or IC410 (totally enclosed with surface natural cooling) is also available by request, on this condition, parameters in the Technical Data Sheet and speed regulation range will change to some extent. The specific changing conditions can be consulted when placing the order.
The basic mounting types are IMB3, IMB5, IMB35, and other mounting types may be derived on the basis of the above three basic mounting types. For IMB5 and its derivative type, and derivative types of IMB3, IMB35, their frame scopes are limited to some extent. The specific type selection can be consulted when placing the order.
In order to meet customer’s requirements as much as possible, other kinds of duty, protection, cooling and mounting may be particularly consulted.

table 1


Conversion rate of output











     · Model explanation
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