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  ICON Z2 Z4 Z ZFQZ ZYZJ ZSN4 ZZJ Medium & Large DC Motors
    Product Name: Z Series Large Size DC Motor Hits: 29770
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Payment Terms: 30% in advance, balance by T/T or L/C at sight
Minimum Order: 1 Piece
Package: plywood box
Brand Name: ELE
Protection: Normal IP23, IP44 (IP54 available)
Cooling: Normal IC86W, IC06, IC17, IC37
Insulation: Normal class F (Class H available)
Mounting: Normal IMB3 (IM1001 & IM1002)
Duty: S1
Armature Voltage: Normal 400V, 440V, 550V, 660V, 750V
Field voltage: Normal 220V, 310V 
Ambient condition: Normal Temperature 40, Normal Altitude 1000m

      ·Data sheet     · Mounting and Overall Dimensions     · Order
     · Features and application
Z series Large Size DC motor used polygon structure so that the using rate of the stator’s inner space is very high. The magnet yoke is laminated style, suitable for silicon controlled commutate power supply and it can endure pulsating current and rapid change of current (load change).Magnetic poles are fixed by precise orientation. All the motors of system are with compensate winding, so the reverse performance is very well.
The insulation class of the motor is F, using of reliable insulation structure and nonmenstruum vacuum pressure impregnated, guaranteeing the stable performance of insulation and good heat dissipation.
     · Performance
1.Data listed in the technical data sheet should be employed under the following conditions:
    a) Altitude above sea level maximal1,000m;
    b) Cooling air temperature maximal 40C; Cooling water temperature   maximal 32C;
    c) The motor can be installed under foul situation, but the right cooling   method of cooling method of cooling and defend class must be chosen. If the situation is special, need humid tropic, please negotiate.
    d) The motor is suitable for 3-phase bridge style smoothing reactor, also can adopt power supply of DC generator.
    e) The motor accord with GB755 “The ration and performance of the   rotating electrical machinery”, IEC60034-1 “The ration and performance of the rotating electrical machinery” and JB/T9577 “Technical requirements of Z series middle motor electromotor”;
2. The standard rated voltage of the electromotor are 440V, 550V, 660V, 750V etc. Voltage of other classes can also be derived according specific situation, but must be negotiated when ordering.
3. The basic excitation style is separately excited, the excited voltage is 220V, Voltage of other classes can also be derived according specific situation, but must be negotiated when ordering.
4. Short time overload capacity of motor.
    Motor can be divided into two kinds according to the use
    First kind (A): ordinary industrial DC motor; Second kind (B): metal rolling mill DC motor.
    a) First kind (A) motor can endure the overload (1min) according to table 3
table 3
percentage of basic speed
percentage of basic speed
seldom using
constantly using

    b) First kind (B) motor can endure the overload (1min) according to table 4
table 4
percentage of basic speed
percentage of basic speed
seldom using
constantly using
*:When the basic speed of the motor≥650r/min,using the number in the bracket.

    c)The short time overload capacity seldom used means happens infrequency or only at the urgency, the motor working exceed the continuous rated overload capacity, we suggest you adjust the instantaneous open/close device of the switch according to the short time overload capacity seldom using.
    The short time overload capacity seldom constantly used means it’s an part of the normal working period, the motor endure the continuous rated overload capacity again and again. After working at short time overload, it must working light load to make the overload period’s overload root-mean-square less than its continuous ration.
   d)Second kind DC motor(B)can endure the following continuous load; Working continuous within the rated voltage and rotate speed with 115% rated power overload, the temperature is higher when at this overload, other features maybe different from working at the rated condition.
    Within the rated voltage and rotate speed, after running at the rated overload, working at the 125% rated power for two hours, the temperature rise can’t overrun the regulated numerical value other features maybe different from working at the rated condition.
    e)Second kind DC motor(B),at the rated rotate speed, the overload can reach 2.5 times no longer than 15s only used once in a while.
5. The change rate of current
    Under all rotate speed and load, the change rate of current (di/dt) that   the motor can endure is 250 times rated current.
6. Libration and noise
    a) the libration of the motor accords with GB10068”Measurement evaluation and limits of the vibration severity of rotating electrical machines which the shaft center height is 56mm and above” center standard’s regulation.
    b) The noise of the motor accords with GB10069.3 “Measurement of airborne noise emitted by rotating electrical machinery and noise limits”.
7. The efficiencies listed in the data sheet are for rated output, voltage and speed, and include excitation loss.

The choice of the motors’ capacity
    1.First kind (A): Ordinary industrial DC motor. The technical data of this kind of motor please see the technical data table. The buyer can decide the capacity, voltage, running speed and the method of cooling of the motor at the buyer’s option.
    2. Second kind (B): Metal rolling mill DC motor. The output power of this kind of motor is about 20% lower than kind (A), the detail numerical value can be negotiated by the user and the manufacture.
    3. Exclude the specification of technical data in the table. Manufacturer can derive other specification at the requirement of the user.
     · Model explanation
     · Structure
1. The methods and defend class of the motor
    a) The method of cooling of the motor is separately-cooled, according to the GB/T1993 “Method of cooling of rotating electrical machinery”, there are IC06, IC17, IC37, IC86W. Standard entrance of cooling air is at the end of the main transmission (not the commutator side).The defend class of the motor can be divided into IP23 and IP44 according to the GB/T4942.1 ”the crust defend class of rotating electrical machinery (IP code)”. If the user needs other method of cooling and defend class, it can be negotiated.
    b) The relation between the method of cooling and the defend class of the motor please see Table 1
table 1
    c)The cooling wind, wind pressure, cooling water flux, motor power see Table 2.

table 2
built-on blower
air-to-water heat exchanger
cooling wind
wind pressure (whisht pressure)
motor power
cooling water flux
motor power

2.The installation and the type of motor according to the GB/T997 “The structure and installation type of rotating electrical machinery”, haveIM1001 (horizontal bottom install, column biaxial) and IM1002 (horizontal bottom install, column biaxial). If the user needs other kinds of installation structure, it must be negotiated.
3. The position of terminal box on standard motor is on the right side when seeing from the main drive end. It can also be installed on the left side, but it must be written in the order contact.
4. The motor using rolling bearing, nonstop adding oil structure.
5.The motor can be installed the following accessories at the user’s option
    a) Temperature detector component can be put into the stator winding and bearing room of two side, and connect the outlet wire to the terminal box.
    b) The non-drive part of the machine can equipped with tachogenerator, centrifugal starting switch, coder and others which buildup the speed meter protecting device.
    c) Heater for preventing condensation can be installed in the motor, but it must be written in the other contact.
6. The air-to-water heat exchanger is usually installed on the top of the motor. If the user wants it to be installed on the side of the motor, the user must put forward it when ordering and settle the assistant upholder by the user himself.
7.The cooler equipped with wind pressure switch, temperature controller, heater for preventing condensation and other protect device.
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