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    Product Name: YGVF Series Converter Adjustable Speed Roller Table Motor Hits: 17886
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YGVF Series Converter Adjustable Speed for Roller Table Motor is widely used for the metallurgy equipment, especially for transporting roller bed on continuous duty and working roller bed with short time on duty where frequent starting, braking and reversing running is existed.

YGVF Series Converter Adjustable Speed Roller Table Motor has ability of overload and mechanic strength. Wide range of speed and running smoothly.

     · Performance
The motor designed with F or H insulation, IP54 protection. The frequency range of the motor is 5~100Hz, maintaining torque constant during 5~50Hz and output constant during 50~100Hz. The overload capability of the motor is excellent. The motor can be operated with the overload of 3.5~4.0 times of the rated torque (the ration of the general purpose motor is about 2). Motors have good performance at low speed. The starting torque at 5Hz is 1.3~1.8 times of the rated values.
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