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    Product Name: NE series NEMA AC motor Hits: 15518
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PE series motors are designed and produced strictly according to NEMA standards and the rating outputs, mounting dimensions and electronic mechanical characteristics comply with the NEMA standard requirements. PE series motors, with attractive appearance, perfect production, possess the distinguishing features of light weight, low noise & vibration, large starting torque, strong structure, safety and reliability.
PE series motor, designed according to NEMA Design B, with Class B or F Insulation, 1.15 service factor, 460/230V rated voltage, 60 Hz rated frequency, are used in the environment without special requirement and the altitude should be lower than 3300 feet above sea level and the ambient temperature not exceeding 40 . They are suitable to drive or to be used as power part of various machinery equipments.
This series motors can be produced according to users special requirements, for example: NEMA C Design or D Design, various mounting types (such as Type T, TC, TD), Class H Insulation, various voltage or frequency.
Cast iron TEFC Three-phase general purpose
EPACT compliant
CSA and ISO9001 certified
Rigid base with F1 and F2 mounting
208-230/460V, 460V, 575V, at 60Hz
Class F insulation, Class B temperature rise
1.15 Service factor
C-Face kits available
Three Phase, 60Hz, 208-230/460V, 460V, 575V NEMA Design B, High Efficiency, Squirrel Cage, TEFC, Class F Insulation, 40 Ambient, Continuous Duty, 1.15 Service Factor
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