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YG series (H100-225) is a new-generation high reliability motor for roll table designed by our factory on the basis of JG2 and with reference to RM series of ABB Co. It has the features of small volume, lightweight, good performance, reliable operation, convenient maintenance, etc. Bearing grease replenishing device is equipped to allow use of high-temperature grease and to enhance the motor’s mechanical strength. Its comprehensive technical and economic indexes reach domestic advanced level and are comparable to that of RM series roll table motor of ABB Company.

YG series roll table motor can continue working when frequently starting and rotating clockwise and anticlockwise or under shocking load like reverse braking etc, or in the deteriorating conditions of high temperature and dusty environment. Besides, with a greater overload capacity it is specially applied for working roll table and transporting roll table in steel rolling mills as well as other machinery equipment.

The rated voltage of motors is 380V and rated frequency is 50HZ. “Y” connected. The insulation of motors is class "F” or “H”. The degree of protection of enclosure is IP54. Mounting arrangements are B3, B5, B35 and the cooling method of motor is IC0041. Motor can be directly started under full load.

Under VVVF control YG series roll table motor can operate in a proper way within the range of 5-70Hz, but its main performance indexes are different from the guaranteed values specified in the catalogue.
YG series motors are two types:
YGa mainly used for working roll table,duty type is S5-40%
YGb mainly used for transport roll table,duty type is S1
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