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  ICON Metal Production Project
    Product Name: R4m Continuous Casting Machine Hits: 5925
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Payment Terms: 30% in advance, balance by T/T or L/C at sight
Minimum Order: 1 set
Package: Plywood box and Nude
Production Capacity 5~12Ton/Hr
Billet Size 70x70~120x120mm
Casting Speed 2.8 m/min (adjustable)
      · Order
     · Application

R4m Contiunous Casting Machine is for casting steel billet with section size from 70x70mm to 120x120mm

     · Features and application

R4m Contiunous Casting Machine is for casting

Billet type(mm)
Production capacity
Rated Power
Power consumption
(excluding water pump)
(excluding water pump)
Worker/operator needed (6~7 persons):
Ladle tilting worker: 1,                                   billet control worker: 1,                    billet cutting worker: 1,
Billet collection worker: 1~2,                         manger worker: 1,                             crane worker: 1.
     · Structure Features

R4m Continuous Casting Machine

R4m Continuous Casting Machine

     · Equipment Constitution

1.  Continuous casting machine

   1)  Crystallizer
   2). Oscillation mechanism and main frame
   3). R4m arc shape track
   4). withdrawal and straightening machine
   5). dummy bar track, dummy bar storage device
   6). water spray system for cooling billet
   7). Power distribution cabinet: 2pcs
        Frequency converter cabinet: 1 pc
   8). flexible dummy bar
   9). Working platform for casting

2. on-line hydraulic shear for 100mm square billet

   1). Main hydraulic shear
   2). Hydraulic station with hydraulic pump

3. Hydraulic pusher for 3m / 6m length square billet

4. Tundish car designed for hydraulic tilting ladle pouring car

5. Tundish (shell without lining) designed for hydraulic tilting ladle pouring car

6. 3~8 ton hydraulic tilting ladle pouring car

7. 10 ton ladle hook for hydraulic tilting ladle pouring car

8. Water pump, including start cabinet, gate valve, check valve, flange)

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