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    Product Name: QR2 Series Crucible Resistance Melting Furnace Hits: 18624
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Payment Terms: 30% in advance, balance by T/T or L/C at sight
Minimum Order: 1 Piece
Package: plywood box
Brand Name: ELE
Capacity 20kg~50,000kg
Shell Material steel plate
Tilting Type Electric motor or hydraulic
Melting type Resistance crucible melting    

      · Order
     · Features and application
QR2 Series electric crucible resistance melting furnace belongs to cycle operating furnace. QR2 Series crucible melting resistance furnace is for melting or holding low melting point non-ferrous metals and alloys, such as lead, aluminum, zinc, tin, cadmium and babbitt. This furnace is featured as high precision temperature control and temperature-stable.
     · Structure Features
QR2-150-9 Electric Resistance Crucible Melting Furnace is composed of seven parts, furnace shell, lining and thermal insulation layer, furnace lid, crucible, tilting system, heating elements and control system.
1. Furnace shell
Furnace shell is made of section steel and welded rolled steel plate. It is tube structure. The bottom has welded section steels as base to withstand the weight of furnace. The furnace shell is cylindrical structure. It has features of beautiful appearance, reasonable structure and firm and so on.
The furnace shell is coated with high-quality pollution-free green paint, which is anti-corrosion, anti-static.
2. Lining and thermal insulating layer
The lining is mainly masoned by clay brick (the main component is Al2O3) . It has feathers of temperature resistance, good thermal stability and so on. There is an interval between the lining and the furnace shell. The interval is supported with diatomite insulation bricks and aluminum silicate cotton panels supported housing, in order to prevent instability lining structure to avoid collapse.
The thermal insulating layer is composite structure. It is mainly filled and reinforce by high-quality aluminum silicate fibers and vermiculite. The high quality thermal insulation layer makes the furnace heating up faster, and made the furnace has a better thermal insulation performance, so as to achieve energy-saving purposes.
3. Furnace cover
The furnace cover is made of welded steel plate Q235. It is filled with high-quality aluminum silicate fibers, and has excellent thermal insulation property. The furnace cover is semi-circular shape. It is designed with a thermocouple hole for placing the thermocouple. The thermocouple hole is plugged with fire-resistant fibers to prevent the heat spillover when it’s not in use. The cove is manual opening type.
4. Crucible
The furnace is equipped with one crucible. The crucible should be properly set on the crucible base inside the chamber. (If necessary, please adjust the location of the crucible base). The crucible edge should be laid on the furnace panel reliably. All heat treating process should be carried out inside the crucibles.
5. Tilting System
The tilting system is composed of electric motor with reducer, tilting system support, as well as travel switch. The tilting system support is made of welded section steels. The furnace is rotated by the electric motor and reducer when pouring out the molten metal. The travel switch can limit the position of the rotation axis. This operation can be completed in the control board. The tilting process can operated manually also.
6. Heating element
The furnace heating element is dedicated anti-corrosion resistance wire, which is placed on the laying-brick surrounding the heating chamber. It connects with the external power through a connector rod.
7. Control System
   The temperature control is one area PID automatic control. The temperature control instrument is digital displays, automatic temperature adjustment, PID self-tuning, zero-crossing triggering. The implement element is bi-directional thyristor, which is no mechanical contact, no noise, long life, non-interference to the power. It has advantages of centralized operation, intuitive observation and meets the user's various heat treatment programming.
Furnace temperature is measured by the "K" indexing thermocouple. The thermocouple is put inside the chamber from the thermocouple hole on the size of furnace cover to measure furnace temperature.
The control system can work 24 hours a day continuously. The temperature of touchable metal surface of the control cabinet is ≤ 30 oC.
Hydraulic tilting melting furnace
Mechanical tilting melting furnace (tilt with electric motor)
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